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Sunbrella Fabric-

If you have kids or pets in your home, practicality and functionality is of high importance when it comes to furniture. This is why selecting the right fabric for your upholstered furniture is key. Fabrics that are visually appealing but delicate, like silk, are suitable for homes with older adults, but probably are not the best choice for homes with active young children. Similarly, fabrics like textured cotton are more durable than silk, but also have a tendency for dirt to get trapped in the fabric, which can be an issue with rambunctious pets or children. If this sounds like your household, the best choice for your sofa is a fabric that can easily stand up to wear and tear. One fabric option that is delighting homeowners is Sunbrella. Originally an industrial-grade awning fabric, Sunbrella has involved into a fabric that is equally popular outdoors or indoors.

The History of Sunbrella

Cotton has traditionally been the fabric of choice for awnings. However, cotton fades easily in the sun due to the fact that it only has dye added to the surface of the fabric. In the 1960s Sunbrella was created as a sun-resistant alternative to cotton fabric awnings. Unlike cotton, Sunbrella is made of acrylic fibers with high-performance, UV-stabilized pigments added to the thread itself during production. As a result, Sunbrella is colorfast, more resistant to the elements and less likely to become faded, discolored or bleached out by the sun.

Within a few years of gaining popularity as an awning fabric, the nautical community realized that Sunbrella fabric is able to stand up to both the sun and the salt spray. Manufacturers quickly embraced the use of Sunbrella for boat tops, sail covers and marine upholstery. Starting in the 1980s Sunbrella became a popular choice in poolside furniture and patio sets, and quickly replaced vinyl as the leading outdoor furniture fabric.

Seeking to capitalize on the popularity of their durable fabric, Sunbrella launched a new indoor fabric line in the early 2000s. The fabric featured intricate jacquard weaving, innovative yarn constructions and advanced fabric finishes to match the look and feel of fine interior fabrics. Sunbrella fabrics are now not only visually appealing, but also rugged enough to stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use in your home.

Sunbrella for the Home

Sunbrella fabric is popular with many consumers and even interior designers due to the fact that it is durable, and the fabric colors do not fade, but rather retain their brilliance. The best part is that Sunbrella looks like, and is, a high-quality fabric, but is also tough when it comes to stains and wear. Allen Wayside Furniture Superstore carries a wide variety of Sunbrella styles and colors perfect for any room in the house, from plain to stripes and other patterns.

The best part about Sunbrella for many families is how easy it is to keep clean. Spilled red wine, ketchup or chocolate sauce can easily be wiped away. You can even apply bleach without ruining the fabric. Don’t believe us? Check out the tale of Sunbrella vs. The Kids then pay a visit to Allen Wayside Furniture Superstore to check out all of the Sunbrella options.

Perspective New England: Beach House Episode 5 from Sunbrella on Vimeo.

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