Pompano Collection

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  • Loose Seat Cushion (the seat cushions of the model are not fixed to the frame)

  • Back Cushion Zippered (the back cushion is attached to the frame through a zipper)

  • No Leather Side (the sectional pieces have the side covered with fabric and not leather)

  • Wood Frame

  • Without Feet Assembled (the feet will be in a bag inside the package)

  • Plastic Wrap (the model will be wrapped in a plastic bag)

  • Second option versions are available with nails in finishings 01 (Old Gold) / 03 (Old Reddish Gold).

  • Feet available in wood finishings 09 (Walnut) / 18 (Wengè)

  • Feet height 5,0 cm

  • Model is characterized by a special «live cut stitching» (cut pinche d stitching).

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